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Managing large, dispersed facilities is a complex task. Today’s facility manager must manage work orders and service providers, process and pay invoices, budget and plan expenses so locations are open and efficient. That’s where the industry’s leading facilities maintenance software can help.  At FacilitySource, our fmPilot software was built to streamline facility maintenance by centralizing work orders, invoicing and service provider management all into one customizable, easy-to-use system.

Benefits of fmPilot

With fmPilot, users can enter work requests, dispatch work orders, track assets, and create facility reports on a wide range of activities.  The software is intuitive and can be accessed on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Getting started is easy – all the installation and integration is done for you; including vendor information, certifications, workflows, and configuring your dashboard so you can see everything that’s happening at all of your facilities.

  • Create a central repository for work order submissions, asset tracking, electronic contracts and overall document management
  • Customize with business rules to handle your unique workflow needs
  • Gain visibility into detailed facility expenses to better control maintenance spend
  • Use built-in spend thresholds and validation to track the true cost of facility upkeep
  • Manage statutory compliance to ensure that certifications are always up to date

Paperless Invoicing and Financial Integration

Another benefit of fmPilot is that it can be integrated with your company’s accounting system to make invoicing and payments a lot easier. All contract rates, trip charges, and parts cost are consolidated for each contractor. You will be able to track spending trends month over month and identify opportunities for cost savings and validate invoice accuracy.

More than Software

When you partner with FacilitySource, you get access to our 24/7 in-house support center, staffed with dedicated representatives who understand the facility maintenance industry. We answer service calls as your company and are committed to getting the problem solved. We are always there when you need us. If you have any questions, your account manager will always be there to help, giving you a single point-of-contact.

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