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Many organizations lack the ability to monitor, record and track the conditions of their facility equipment at the asset level. As a result, facility managers are unable to accurately evaluate their locations, identify ways to eliminate risk and reduce capital spending on unnecessary maintenance and repairs. However, with fmSurvey from FacilitySource, asset management and mobile assessments have never been easier. Now, facility managers have the power to track equipment conditions and maintenance activities across multiple locations.

Customization and Security

With fmSurvey, you stay in control. Determine the look, feel and contents of each survey – as well as user permissions – for a truly customized experience.

  • Surveys are personalized to each client’s need – you have complete control over what data is requested, what documentation is required, and how often information is collected
  • FacilitySource configures the user interface to match your branding
  • fmSurvey includes advanced lockdown features and role-based access to ensure employees, technicians, and executive management can access the information they need
  • Implement facility and safety audits, and record work completion for compliance

Mobility and System Integration

fmSurvey is more than a tool for asset management and mobile assessments. It provides a new level of visibility into activities at all levels of your maintenance ecosystem.

  • Mobile app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems
  • Works with or without an internet connection for on the go data collection
  • Integrate data into fmPilot or other systems for work order management and in-depth reporting
  • Access location information or load pictures and notes in real time from your mobile device

Reporting and Data Analysis

fmSurvey gives you the ability to track assets at a granular level. Data can be mined, consumed and packaged in a way that allows you to make quicker, easier and more informed decisions.

  • Data can be exported to .csv, .xls, and.pdf file types for further analysis
  • Automated inspection reports all you to document, record and grade site conditions for every location
  • Actionable analytics to provide better visibility into performance and condition of key operating equipment and assets
  • Conduct total cost of ownership analysis and budget for future replacements
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