API Value and Success through ServiceTrade

Troy Moore, Managing Partner of Valley Maintenance Group in Phoenix, AZ spoke with us about using ServiceTrade with fmPilot 2 to manage their FacilitySource work orders.

Valley Maintenance converted to ServiceTrade because they liked its flexibility, openness and the fact that the software already was integrated to fmPilot 2 API. Reducing double data entry because of the native integration with fmPilot 2 was the biggest factor in their decision to switch to ServiceTrade.

Troy said the transition to ServiceTrade was pretty easy. It was easiest on their technicians, who went through training with a member of ServiceTrade’s services team. Even though there was some terminology differences between their old solution and the new, everyone is adjusting to knowing where to find the information they need.

Looking back, Troy’s advice for someone considering ServiceTrade or any field service solution is to find a software provider that is willing to learn about how you run your business. Once you have planned the work flows through your organization, make sure that work moves the same way through the software so that everyone knows their role, and nothing is missed.

Valley Maintenance asked the tough questions internally about what’s most important to them. ServiceTrade’s flexibility, ease-of-use, and most importantly to fmPilot 2 integration gave them what mattered: technician efficiency, fewer administrative headaches, and providing valuable information to their customers.