Improving the Service Provider Experience with APIs

By: Sunil Padiyar, CTO

FacilitySource is launching a series of APIs to better support our fmPilot2 work-order ticketing software. We developed this solution to meet the evolving needs of our service providers. The API is designed to help streamline data entry and service call check-in, decrease workforce costs and administrative issues, and increase transparency and work order status updates.

Phase 1 Results

We launched Phase 1 of the fmPilot2 API in Q2, 2015. Since the release, over 250,000 work orders have been processed using the API. The Phase 1 APIs provide the ability to poll and collect dispatched work orders, and well as perform work order updates such as status changes and adding comments. Prior to the APIs, service providers could only work with dispatched work orders either by processing the dispatch emails that were sent to them or by logging in and viewing in fmPilot2. To update work orders, the service providers had to login to fmPilot2 and perform the updates manually. Using the Phase 1 APIs, service providers are able to automate this process and eliminate labor inefficiencies.

Phase 2 Release

We are releasing Phase 2 of the API in Q2, 2016. With the Phase 2 release of the APIs service providers will be able able to submit quotes and invoices directly from their system. Currently, the process for entering a quote or invoice into fmPilot2 happens either by the vendor logging in to the system and entering the quote/invoice or using the bulk invoice submission feature, which is available to service providers who have been set up by the FacilitySource service provider team. The expanded functionality the Phase 2 API provides will expedite invoice submission for faster processing, and reduced payment times for service providers.

Connecting the fmPilot API to your Interface

Our APIs are developed using industry standard REST-based architecture. This allows the APIs to be consumed by a broad range of clients that run on browsers, applications, mobile phones, tablets and other devices. The architecture supports a variety of GET, PUT and POST operations and provides the results in a JSON or XML format. A wide variety of development and test platforms are available to test your interface to these APIs.

Ask your service provider contact at FacilitySource to start using the the APIs today!