Get a clear and accurate site picture with fmSurvey.

Many organizations lack the ability to monitor, record and track the conditions of their facility equipment at the asset level. As a result, facility managers are unable to accurately evaluate their locations, identify ways to eliminate risk and reduce capital spending on unnecessary maintenance and repairs.

fmSurvey is FacilitySource’s dynamic location inventory tool and data repository. The system provides visibility at the asset level, making it possible to track equipment conditions and maintenance activities across multiple locations. Using fmSurvey, facility data is accessible through one, easy to access web portal. You can record information using a mobile app, which includes offline functionality. That means you’re always connected, no matter where you go.

The biggest benefit of fmSurvey is how seamlessly it integrates with our fmPilot work order ticketing software. This add-on feature enables users to open work orders directly from a mobile device, eliminating the need to switch between different programs or double key information.

We configure the system to meet your requirements, and can create custom surveys for your organization. Some commonly collected information includes an inspection of existing conditions, or documentation of equipment dimensions and floorplans supported by digital photography.

Endless Possibilities

With fmSurvey, you get more than just an asset management tool. Our clients use fmSurvey to accomplish a variety of tasks.

  • Record and review site floorplans for both interior and exterior square footage.
  • Integrate data into fmPilot or other systems for dispatch and work order management.
  • Digitally photograph any space, so accurate documentation is accessible in a single repository.
  • Streamline work order creation by auto populating fmSurvey data into work orders.
  • Deploy customized site surveys, giving you the information to trouble shoot issues as they arise.
  • Conduct facility and safety audits and record work order completion to meet compliance requirements.
  • Standardize site conditions with a grading system, giving customers a consistent brand experience in every store.
  • Inspect the existing conditions of each locations, so you know when its time to maintain or replace costly assets such as HVAC systems.

Key Features


Data collected in fmSurvey is accessible via a desktop or mobile device. All survey data can be exported to .csv, .xls and .pdf. file types.


You decide what information goes into your surveys, what data is required, and how often it’s collected. We can create custom surveys, and configure the user interface to match your branding.


fmSurvey gives you the freedom to go mobile. The app is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems, and can be used with or without an internet connection.


fmSurvey enables members of your team to submit site and asset data information any time, includes data validation for consistent reporting, and role based access for visibility across teams.


fmSurvey gives you the ability to add system-to-system integration. For example, when integrated with fmPilot, you gain the ability to generate reports that include a high level summary of asset data at each location, track store fixtures and equipment, and auto populate data for work orders created in fmSurvey.


With fmSurvey, you have complete control over what your users are able to access and modify. Restrict access to read/write permissions at the field level, or create custom user roles with our other advanced lockdown features.