Energy Management Services

Reduce maintenance spend by monitoring Lighting & HVAC/R systems

Lights, air and heat are the fundamental needs of almost every business. If lights don’t come on in the morning and the air’s not running when you open your doors, staff productivity and store sales could come to a standstill. If you’re a food retailer or restaurant, failing freezers can cost you big, spoiling inventory before it’s consumed or sold. Just as important as system uptime, cost control and analytics are critical to insure energy is consumed wisely so that the lifetime of costly assets like HVAC/R units and lighting fixtures are maximized.

FacilitySource’s Energy Management Services (EMS) can help with all of these challenges – and reduce maintenance spend in the process. From 24/7 system monitoring through issue resolution and reporting, we’ll ensure your facilities’ air, HVAC and refrigeration systems are up and running, for minimal business interruption.