Facility Maintenance for National Retail Companies

Facility Maintenance for National Retail Companies

Revolutionizing the Retail Industry from the Start

In 2005, we began working with retail industry leaders, helping them deliver their ideal brand experience. Today, we are considered the leader in multi-location facilities maintenance. We keep leading national retail companies UP. AND RUNNING. by leveraging our expertise, world-class CMMS software, our massive data library (over 4B data points), and our Elite Network of Service Providers. We specialize in providing facilities maintenance to large retail corporations- many of which are can be found on the Fortune 100 list.

Ready to revolutionize your facilities maintenance solution for your national retail company?

Improve Facility Performance and Brand Consistency

Optimize Facilities Spend and Accelerated Budgetary Pressure in Non-Core Functions

Enhance Visibility and Control of Facility Management Spend

Proprietary Technology for Extensive Analytics Delivering Proactive & Predictive Solutions

Manage Clients’ Complex Facility Ecosystems via a Combination of Services & Proprietary Technology

Manage, Monitor and Report All Work Order Activity for Improved Decision Making

Proprietary Elite Service Provider Network Distilled from Unparalleled & Differentiated Data

10+ years of data on spend patterns and service provider performance accumulates to 4B+ data points

National Footprint with Unparalleled Breadth & Depth

  • Service provider depth is critical to achieve FacilitySource’s clients’ targeted service levels
  • 25k+ service providers with over 4B+ data points in the FacilitySource network
  • Over 120k locations serviced with over 4M work orders processed annually

Data-Driven Approach to Selection & Monitoring of Service Providers

  • Align service providers to ensure they’re capable of meeting expectations
  • Plot work order volume by county – service providers know when trucks & techs are needed to service the locations at expected volumes
  • Largest database of facility maintenance activity in the country

Superior, Value-Driven Elite Service Provider Network

  • Curated network of 25k+ providers
  • ~50 employees focused on managing and sourcing service providers
  • Service provider work order volume correlated to performance
  • Enables industry-leading performance indicators
  • Reduces costs and increases quality

Uniquely Positioned to Address Challenges for Constituents

FacilitySource’s facility maintenance business model provides a successful network that offers meaningful, tangible benefits to service providers and national retail company clients

Value to Clients

  • End-to-end facility maintenance management
  • Cost savings of up to 25% on facility maintenance spend and capital project work
  • Proprietary technology platform for extensive analytics, benchmarking, and strategic insight
  • Leverage unprecedented national service provider network across multiple trades (25k+ and growing)
  • High service levels and quick response times in addition to 24×7 dispatch and support centers

Value to Service Providers

  • Consistent volumes with access to over $4B of annual facility maintenance spend
  • Single point of contact for over 120,000 locations across North America
  • Highly differentiated technology platform for work order dispatch, including mobile app functionality
  • Dedicated service provider management team
  • Reliable payment terms with accelerated options

Clients We Serve

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