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Trade Services: Commercial Lighting Management

Lighting is vital to retail success. From lights that keep customers and employees safe to accenting merchandise and illuminating parking lots, effective and efficient lighting is a critical. Lighting impacts more than just visibility – it impacts your brand, store temperature, energy consumption, and more.

Advances in lighting technology have created an opportunity for retailers to reduce costs and improve store aesthetics in exciting new ways. However, these advances can create a number of complex challenges that facility managers should consider when making lighting decisions. That’s where the experts at FacilitySource can help. We offer full service lighting solutions that take the guesswork out of selecting, maintaining and managing expensive retail lighting systems.

We keep the lights on. You reap the rewards.

Partnering with FacilitySource for your lighting needs will give you the freedom to focus on strategic initiatives while we make sure your locations are well lit and well maintained, cost effectively.

  • We provide scheduled and reactive maintenance for commercial lighting systems, including burned out bulbs and fixture repair, or we can respond quickly to emergency outages
  • FacilitySource trade specialists work with you to continuously improve your lighting programs, finding ways to reduce costs and energy consumption
  • Our specialized team of experts can implement and manage lighting projects like retrofits, remodels and LED implementations
  • We can handle any exterior lighting needs, such as parking lots and entryways to ensure the safety of customers and employees
  • Our lighting programs can be customized to meet all your commercial lighting needs – from the sales floor, to the stockroom, to signage, accent and emergency lighting
  • We work with you to get rebates and incentives, and keep warranties on file to help you realize the ROI of your lighting project
  • If needed, we can include energy management services (EMS) to seamlessly integrate with our lighting management services

The knowledge and network to brighten your lighting program.

Commercial Lighting Management IconEffective lighting management is more than changing light bulbs. It begins with a commitment to precision and process—and a partner that knows what they’re doing. With FacilitySource, you get more than someone to just manage your commercial lighting programs. You get a self-performing network of expert service providers who can provide complete coverage for all your facilities. You also get a team that manages the entire work order process, from the initial service request to dispatch, completion, and billing.

For more information about how FacilitySource’s commercial lighting management services can help your business, please call us at 1-800-896-9000, email us at, complete the form on this page or contact our sales team. 

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