FacilitySource Reveals Why Facility Managers are the Unsung Heroes of “Black Friday”

According to industry experts , an estimated 156 million Americans are expected to partake in Black Friday shopping and spend an estimated $682 billion. Everyone knows retailers prepare for Black Friday shoppers, from stockpiling inventory to increasing staff – but what about making sure the physical store itself is ready? A new infographic from FacilitySource shows the behind-the-scenes Black Friday facility maintenance preparations that take place to make sure retailers’ doors are open and lights stay on – literally.

Sophisticated, remotely controlled automated systems manage many stores’ lighting, energy, and entrances based on a store’s typical operating hours. Before Black Friday commences, retailers must ensure these systems are running properly and adjust automated schedules to handle the extra shoppers and extended hours the holiday brings. For example, in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, there is a 5% increase in store signage upkeep requests.

There is also a 10% increase in lighting maintenance requests to ensure store lights stay on during the extended hours. Additionally, retailers adjust the heating and cooling schedules of energy management systems to guarantee stores stay at a comfortable temperature for the many shoppers.

Bathroom maintenance requests increase 5% to make sure facilities are operational for Black Friday, and retailers work with landlords to keep escalators and elevators running during times they would normally be turned off, such as the middle of the night.

Since automated entrances and security measures need to remain open during extended hours, there is a 9% increase in security maintenance requests leading up to Black Friday.

Download the full infographic here.